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Where are the holidays of my childhood?

Ou sont les neiges d’antan?, the French poet Francois Villon asked himself as a pretext to discuss the human beauty that fades away in an instant…

I am asking myself the same thing, but referring to Christian celebrations such as Christmas and Easter. Since today is the third day of Easter for both Orthodox and Catholic people, I think it is a good opportunity to discuss something that has been on my mind since Christmas Day: do modern people still cherish the traditional values?; are they still fond of the customs passed from generation to generation?.

The fact is that the last two days made me become nostalgic and really miss my childhood, especially the way we use to celebrate religious holidays back then. I remember how my grandmother taught me to dye the eggs using natural colours, for instance onion skins to obtain reddish eggs, to embelish them with flowers and leaves of different shapes and sizes, to prepare delicious pasca with cheese and raisins filling, etc. Every Easter I remember those smells and flavours, also the custom of washing my face with some water in which a red egg had been previously added in order to help me stay forever beautiful and young, the tradition of wearing something new on Easter Day, that of going to the church at midnight to take the Holy Light and bring it home in order to purify the house and celebrate Christ’s Resurrection, the victory of life over death.

Even though I try to respect those customs every year and not let them be forgotten, I can’t sadly observe that modern people tend to demistify the importance of religious celebrations, focusing mainly on their commercial or materialistic side. Caught in the whirl of everyday existence, facing problems and relying on technology, children and youngsters seem not paying attention to the spiritual aspect of holidays, being more and more interested in what presents the Easter bunny or Santa Claus will bring them. If you ask them what is the significance of Easter, for example, many will probably give an answer related to the Easter bunny, chocolate eggs or days off from school.

I really think that keeping tradition going from one generation to the other depends on each of us, therefore do not forget them and convince your children that their significance is a lot more important than what we can see from the outside.

Be merry and feel blessed!

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