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Here comes spring… It’s time to reborn

spring flower

I really like spring, as I have always considered it the greatest season of the whole year. It is pure, fresh, full of light, perfumes and colours … I guess there isn’t any reason in the world for not enjoying it… After the cold days of winter, spring arrives to make our hearts dance, sing and live again. It is a good vibration in the air that seems to reach your feelings, put you under the spell of love, friendship, etc.

Spring is the time of nature’s resurrection, also the reborn of our humanly body and mind.

As the song goes you ‘only miss the sun when it starts to snow’, we realize how much we’ve missed spring only when it’s finally here. These days everything is changing, from the weather to the people’s faces, and we can clearly see that spring has come.

The flower shops are full of beautiful tulipes, daring snowdrops, pink, white and purple hyacinths, fragile freesias and their strong scents fill the air. If I could, I would buy all the big bunches of spring flowers and take them home, because for sure they would help me transcend all barriers of this world, sending me to the Elysian Fields, where I would be able to experience perfect hapiness.

The trees are in blossom, your imagination runs free, therefore one moment you might be in your room, the next one, might be walking in a Japanese garden among pink-whitish cherry trees, spreading their charming perfume towards the sky. You have a great state of mind, your strength is renewed, therefore you can even move the mountains if they stand on their way!

Go out and enjoy the sun, we’ve missed it for a long winter time!

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