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Love is in the air…

 It is a beautiful, sunny day, full of joy and memories… Many people around the world consider it the day of love, Valentine’s Day, when you can express your feelings for the loved one, let your emotions flow like the waters of a spring hitting the cliffs on a mountain top… I do not really agree with this one-day love celebration as it is a true gift and does not need a special ocassion to be shown.

Love has many faces, many sides that might take thousands of years to write and discuss about. If you love somebody, your boyfriend, girlfriend, family, relatives or friends, do not waste time and express your feelings for them any given day. After all, love is like the wind, you never see it, but you can feel its embrace all the time… (This is a great metaphor I borrowed from a great romantic movie ‘A WALK TO REMEMBER’) 

It might happen not to have the loved ones close to you, but you still have the chance to let them know that you are thinking about them today. You may be sad or lonely as you have not found your soul mate yet, stop feeling sorry for yourself, go out and have fun… you never know when love comes your way. Finding true love is not always possible, but trying to find is worth every minute! Without love, our lives are incomplete, we as human beings are incomplete.


P.S. Yet, do not forget that you can transform each day of your life into a celebration of LOVE!



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