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 I have always wondered, ever since I was a child, if we live in a single universe or not, and what happens when you feel like living somebody else’s life… totally different from what you have wanted it to be…

One thing is sure: I haven’t found the answer to my dilemma. But, this doesn’t mean I don’t often imagine how it would be like living the perfect life I have dreamt of! What if we could live in two parallel universes at the same time and, function of the choices we made, to pass from one to the other. Of course, good decisions may take us to the universe where our life is serene, fulfilled, whereas our bad decisions transport us to the other one, in which things are confused, chaotic, dissapointing… Few days ago I remembered about a very interesting movie, Sliding Doors, that enlarges upon this topic and presents the life of the main character from two different perspectives, according to whether she managed to get into a tube car or not. She might live a perfect life if she caught the tube, or a very different one, if she didn’t. The tube practically marks the borderline between the two realities.

Maybe we all live the same way, we are surrounded by the same people, yet, they might have a different role in our life, a different impact on it in just a second. The perfect life of the heroine in the movie is not so happy after all, as she faces some personal problems and dies in the arms of her boyfriend. In the other timeline, she has both professional and personal problems, still arrives in hospital, but she is alive and… eventually, the two separate worlds unite… The ending of the movie is very modern, leaving the viewer imagine if it was fate or simply pure love that brought the heroine and her boyfriend together again, having the chance to start all over, as neither of them knew they had met before.

Love could be the answer to our problems, as ‘we have to always look at the bright side of life’, but there would still exist a what if question. A drop of rationality…

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