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Speaking about Sports

Hello everyone,

It’s been a long time since I have written on this blog, therefore I didn’t have the chance to wish you Happy New Year! and Good Luck! to all of you who are going to take exams in 2011.

Because of this I decided to give you a hand with the oral examination in the Foreign Languages Competencies Exam. Taking into consideration the latest examples that our Ministry of  Education has offered, I want to start with few possible answers to the question:

Do you enjoy jogging? Why/ Why not?

First of all, one should think about the area/domain of activity that this question could be included in, which is, of course, Sports or Free time activities/ Likes and dislikes. Once we think about that, we need to make a brief list of words and expressions that are part of that specific area. In our case, we may use words such as: jogging, running, park, morning or evening, trainers (tenisi) or sportshoes, tracksuit (costum de training), T-shirt, healthy, relax etc. and expressions as: go for a run, go jogging, be interested in jogging, warm up, keep fit ( a fi in forma), avoid a sedentary life, take up some exercise sprain an ankle or a wrist.

Having some of these terms in mind, it is easier to develop upon the question afterwards. Whether your answer is YES or NO, you need to provide reasons and real- life examples.

Yes answer:  Start from the meaning of the activity itself

I enjoy jogging because it is a good way to keep fit and be healthy. I am an active person, this is the reason for which I prefer to spend my free time doing/ taking up some exercise, going to the gym or to a sports centre. I prefer going to the gym to staying in front of the computer or watching TV.

Then, we go on developing upon the reasons we have stated before (where we go jogging, when we go jogging, what equipment we might need):

I usually go for a run in the nearest park when the weather is fine. If it is  winter or a rainy day, then I stay at home or go to the gym, where I can practise some keep fit exercises (aerobic, Tae-Bo or fitness). Unfortunately, my school timetable does not allow me go jogging as many times as I would like to, but I manage to go for a run once a week. It really makes me relax and get rid of stress. Whenever I feel tense or upset of a mark I have got in school, I put on my pair of blue trainers, wear my tracksuit, a T-shirt underneath and also my I-Pod to listen to my favourite songs while I am running. Sometimes I go jogging with a good friend of mine, yet there are many times when I go alone. I am glad that I see more and more people running in the park these days.

As a conclusion, we have to come up with another reason, that should sum up all the other statements previously done.

Thus, I think that every person should consider the benefits of leading  a more active and healthier lifestyle. I always tell my classmates that junk food from fast-food restaurants  should be avoided, also staying too much in front of the TV. Fresh air and sports are great for both the brain and the body, as the old Latin proverb says: “Mens sana in corpore sano” ( A healthy mind in a healthy body).

No answer: The structure is the same as in the Yes answer, only the reason should be constructed in a negative way, saying all the time what made you hate sports or the activity of jogging in particular.

For example, you may start with something like this: I do not enjoy jogging because I had a bad experience related to it in my childhood. I was in my primary school years and I went for a run with a friend in the park. We wanted to race to the boat swings area and, suddenly, another boy appeared in front of me, I fell and sprained my ankle. The ugliest thing of all was that I had to go to the hospital and had my ankle plastered (pusa in gips).

That’s all for today!


TheEnglish Teach

  1. February 28, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    Ms pt. ajutorul acordat,sper sa fie de folos la multa lume…

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