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Writing an article

Hello again,

Today I want to tell you about the main things that you should use when writing an article. You may be asked to write an article in the second part of the exam (bacaulaureat 2010), as the items displayed by the Ministery of Education reveal.

There are several types of articles: scientific, for newspapers: on social, political, cultural, economical matters, for men’s /women’s magazines, for professional magazines ( addressed mainly to people from the same professional category: doctors, lawyers, teachers etc.), but they still have something in common and this is the structure and some tips according to which we may consider them effective or not.

First of all, when you see the task, you need to think of one question: “WHAT IS THE MAIN THING THAT I WANT PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND FROM MY ARTICLE ?” . As I stated before, the article has to be effective and effectiveness can be measured through the impact that the article has on its target reader.

Usually, every article should have three main parts:

1. Introduction; 2. Main body; 3.Conclusion or Ending.

In the Introduction, you have to present the topic, the reason why you are writing the article in no more than one paragraph, but using key words, that are eye-catching and are relevant for the subject. It is important to find an intriguing introduction because this way you will capture reader’s attention and will make him go farther with his/her reading. An article of any type is interactive, which means that you should address direct questions to the reader and refer to the readership as “you’ .

The Main body is the largest part of the article, it represents the development of the reason announced in the introductory part and contains 3 to 4 paragraphs. The development of the reason at the basis of your article is the answer to the question that I told to ask yourselves  in the first place: “WHAT IS THE MAIN THING THAT I WANT PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND FROM MY ARTICLE ?”. Having your answer in mind it would be easier for you to find the right arguments to sustain your ideas. Remember that the information given in your article or the facts presented should be surprising or at least interesting, otherwise people would get bored when reading it. Each new argument that you use to support your main idea has to be developed in a separate  paragraph. In order to get closer to your readership, use references to your own life experience, feel free to use concrete examples or direct speech quotations from relevant people, instead of  sticking only to general statements. The vocabulary you should use in your article, but mainly in the main body, has to be suited to your target readers and to the topic.

The Ending of the article is also of great importance, as it needs to be interesting and to contain the reason you have already expressed in the Introduction. The conclusion is bound to present a personal opinion introduced by phrases like: “in my opinion”, ” as far as I am concerned”, “as a conclusion” and verbs such as: believe, think, consider and all so on. Do not forget that the language of the article has to be informal.

I bet you have read a lot of magazine articles so far and it is another important thing you should have in mind when writing your article: the title. It is the first element that should catch reader’s attention and it usually contains key words, metaphors, similes, antithesis or other figures of speech.

That’s about it when it comes to writing an article. I hope that the tips I have given you would be useful for school writing and for several types of exams.

Good luck with your writing! Feel free to leave messages, comments or suggestions concerning the topics on my blog in order to improve it!


The English teach.

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