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When it rains…

Yesterday, the city was looking even darker and uglier than it usually does…It rained, heavy drops were coming down the sky over the streets, the people, the houses and the weekend atmosphere. Looking down the window, I could see people walking like in a dream, holding their big umbrellas, carrying bags or presents or spring flowers, running back to the comfort and warmth of their apartments. As I was trying to distinguish things and faces among the curtain of raindrops, I realized that spring is about to come and caress everything with its sunbeams.

Yet, what’s the point of spring? People seem not to wait for it, seem pessimistic and so preoccupied with everyday life that nothing else matters. A Latin proverb says that “Una hirundo not facit ver” (One swallow does not make summer),  therefore a spring flower, a little snowdrop has no power to make things different.

Over and over again seasons go one after the other, people walk through rain, thunder, storm, snow, heat, blizzard and all so on, but they often  forget to enjoy a smooth sunbeam, the first snowdrop or even the warm raindrops that touch their faces in long summer days.

Being caught up in the struggle of surviving, of achieving goods, material possessions we get a sort of blindness that doesn’t allow us to observe the beauty around us. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but it is everywhere, we are surrounded by it. Even sometimes it rains on the outside and also in the inside, there will always be a sunbeam or a rainbow to wait for. The sun shines after the hardest storm, a solution to our problems appears out of the blue when we least expect it.

Therefore, when it is raining we can just stop for  a moment and look up in the sky…there will surely be a feeble sunbeam behind the clouds…

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